Care to peer inside an artist’s mind?

On paper, “Museum of Stones,” an exhibition at the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, makes sense. Stone, after all, is what many associate with sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

But the curators said the show, which opened last Tuesday, serves as a cross-section of Noguchi’s brain, revealing him as a complex, eclectic civilization-builder who saw planet Earth as the ultimate artwork.

“Noguchi, while he worked in stone, the idea of stone was something you could see in his Akari lamps, you could see it in his metal pieces,” said Museum Director Jenny Dixon.

The first-of-its-kind exhibition has assembled a formidable array of artworks in what Senior Curator Dakin Hart called the most complicated show in the museum’s history. Since Noguchi’s death, organizers have respected his arrangement, but are now adding more than 50 pieces from 30 living artists throughout the entire museum. It’s all a conversation with Noguchi.


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