Western Queens NYPD precincts and their communities once again embraced National Night Out Against Crime Tuesday evening. Festivities for those living within the 108th, 114th and 115th precincts included games, food and more for residents of all ages.

Among those who partook in the merriment were, Officer Gianbalvo and Sgt. Jimmy Conwell, of the NYPD’s Graffiti and Vandals Squad, and former Community Board 2 member Witold Rak, of Woodside on the Move, who celebrated at Woodside’s Lawrence Virgilio Playground; Astoria residents Tommy Jones and daughter Kimberly, who got some face paint and a new balloon at the 114th Precinct’s celebration at Astoria Park; Astoria resident Samantha, 4, above left, riding Nugget, from the Black Cowboys Association of Brooklyn; Jackson Heights residents Dibbo Mukherjee, 5, and mom Dolon Banarjee, above, at the 115th Precinct’s festival at Northern Playground; officers from the 115th Precinct, above right, including Crime Prevention Officer Colleen Jennings, left, and Domestic Violence Officer Kaitlin Simon; those from the breast cancer support organization Shareing & Careing, left, including Anna Zabniak and founder Anna Kril; and Mrs. Met, who greeted people at Northern Playground, right.


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