It’s unexpected that the first sense awakened by photography is taste.

Rockaway Beach resident and art photographer Sandra Gottlieb’s work may dredge up sense memories of floating free in the sea, with salty swells assaulting your personal space, filling up your eyes with bubbles and your mouth with flecks of sand and frothy brine.

In photos on display at the Walter O. LeCroy Gallery at the New York Hall of Science, close-up and delectably crisp shots of the Atlantic meeting the shore may stimulate the senses in a surreal — yet somehow, natural — way.

The series, the sixth Gottlieb has done on Rockaway’s waves since 1996, is not a leisurely survey of the water from the safety of the beach; this is a full-throated trespassing into a mightier, relentless and forebodingly green and cobalt sea, one that Poseidon himself must be churning from icy fathoms below.


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