A rally Wednesday evening, called by the Federation for Hellenic Societies and meant to be a show of solidarity for those suffering amid Greece’s financial crisis, drew hundreds.

Its aim was to broadcast to friends and families back home that there is support for them in Astoria, which has had a large Greek-American population for decades.

The event, which turned out was double-booked alongside the Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens’ weekly Italian night, featuring live music, soon took over Athens Square, on 30th Avenue.

Police officials on hand estimated that as many as 1,000 had attended throughout the evening.

Greek flags waved high in the air, as well as signs saying “Oxi,” which is Greek for “No.” Many held signs with other messages, such as one asking for the suffering to stop.

“No” refers to the vote many want on a referendum set for Sunday, in which Greeks will decide whether the government should agree to its creditors’ demands, such as austerity measures, for a bailout to address the country’s economic crisis.



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