Care for some quiet time with contemporary masters?

At the Fisher Landau Center for Art in Long Island City, an intriguing exhibition — which is in many ways both new and old — presents 20 works by such big names as Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Richard Artschwager, Jasper Johns, Agnes Martin and many more. Many works are large-scale. And, they’re particularly satisfying to behold in Fisher Landau’s cavernous and tranquil space, a former parachute harness factory now dedicated to the exhibition and study of Emily Fisher Landau’s vast art collection.

The works on view in the exhibition are curated from a 417-work pledge Fisher Landau made in 2010 to Manhattan’s Whitney Museum of American Art. Fisher Landau, captured by Warhol in a lovely and engaging 1982 silkscreen print in the center’s lobby, is a longtime Whitney trustee and is known for having acquired artworks by American contemporary masters, often early in their careers. The works are set to go to The Whitney upon Fisher Landau’s passing, and since the 2010 pledge, a curated selection of pieces went on view at The Whitney the following year and then toured the nation, stopping in such cities as San Jose, Asheville, NC, Omaha and more.


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